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If you search on internet, there are many famous quotes for life across the world, such as “Life is Invaluable” or “Life is Beautiful” or “Life is Priceless” and so on. In the highly popular and famous Time Magazine, I remember of an article by Kathleen Kingsbury in 2008 with the title, “The Value of a Human Life: $129,000”. When you read all these stuff, don’t you feel of caring for your health, life, valuables and home? It’s true, that our lives are very important; for our parents, for our children, for our safety, for our security and for our valuables which we all earn after a lot of struggle and hard work. But we cannot compare it with a value. That’s one of the primary reasons why the term Life Insurance was born and/or discovered.

Insurance is something related to Risk Management, where a particular amount of money is transferred to us in lieu of the premium that we pay to the companies. Their Insurance Specialists are responsible behind managing our risks. There are varieties of insurance products available in the market, which are offered by reputed multi national companies. Some of them are as follows:

1. A Health Insurance protects us during the normal as well as emergency circumstances, when there is a lack of finance required to cover medical expenses such as cost of medicines, physician visit fees, check up fees, doctor’s consultation charge, etc. during a state of physical or mental sickness. Who knows when a person has to suffer from unfortunate illness? This insurance product helps a lot; especially, in protecting our children and old aged parents who are more prone to viral diseases.

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2. An Auto Insurance protects our largely invested money post unfortunate accidents, which we invest while purchasing any vehicle such as car, motorcycle, truck, bus, van or other transportation equipments. For every vehicle there are different types of protection plans and accordingly is the premium fee. A large number of people’s entire yearly income is invested in buying a vehicle. Imagine the importance of this product during an unfortunate accident. If you do not have this insurance for your vehicle; then in such circumstances, you lost all your invested money in a single stroke. Isn’t it scary?

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3. A Home Insurance is helpful when you want to protect your money which you invested in building your house and/or buying the property on which you built the house. Home Insurance also protects the valuables that exist in your house. Imagine a situation when there is sudden flood or an earth quake due to natural calamities. If you have your home insurance, it would at least help you to recover your invested money back. That money can be used for re-building your home.

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4. The most important one is Life Insurance which is connected to our lives; along with the lives of our family members. One most important point of this insurance product is that other insurance products such as Health Insurance, Home Insurance and Auto Insurance are closely connected to this insurance product. When a person suffers from sickness, indirectly it’s also connected with risk to life. When a person dies in a road accident, that’s as well connected to Car Insurance. When a person suffers at their home due to earth quake, it also has a direct connection with this product. In short every insurance product, in some or the other form; is connected with the life of a human.

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