Things You Might Have Known Yet About Florida Watercraft Insurance

Florida is beautifully surrounded by bodies of water. No wonder why many of the citizens in the state love to go boating within the state. Among the things that many citizens in Florida enjoy to do include swamps and marshlands exploration, jaunting through the Keys, Inter-Coastal Waterway cruising, Gulf fishing, and following meandering rivers. And because of this, a lot of people owns different kinds of watercraft.

Here are a few important questions and information that every owner has to know about Florida watercraft insurance policy.

What are the different types of watercraft insurance coverage?

The watercraft insurance policy comes in different policies. Depending on the level and types of coverage, a boat insurance policy may be a medical coverage, liability coverage, and physical damage coverage.

Watercraft Medical Coverage

This type of coverage covers some or all of the eligible expenses needed for your medication in the event that you meet an accident or you get injured while you are using the watercraft.

Watercraft Liability Coverage

For instance, you meet an accident and you are proven to be at fault, the liability coverage of your watercraft insurance will serve as your protection against any undesirable results of the accidents. There are currently different watercraft liability coverage level. For you to know which one is right for you, you may contact and ask advice from a professional insurance agent.

Watercraft Physical Damage Coverage:

The watercraft physical damage coverage provides coverage to necessary repair or replacement of your boat, including its motor, as well as any of its watercraft trailer. This coverage also comes in varying deductible levels. To know which level of deductibles to choose, you can keep in touch with your insurance policy agent or provider.

Is the boat covered by the Florida watercraft insurance policy when it is out of the sea?

Accident or damage while trailering your watercraft 

The boat will not be covered by the watercraft or boat insurance policy if the accident happens out of the water and your boat is still in the car. Fortunately, your boat can still be covered but not by this policy, it is by the car or truck insurance policy of the vehicle trailering it. Accordingly, your car or truck insurance policy will provide insurance coverage for your boat in the event of accidents provided that it is attached to either your truck or car. If you are trailering something like your boat, your car policy overrides.

The auto policy, however, will only provide for its contained limits. Neither the auto policy nor the watercraft policy will pay for any property damage, bodily injury, or loss of life when the insured watercraft is being trailed on land.

Accident or damage while watercraft is parked at home:

If you parked your watercraft on your own home or property and your boat is damaged, the watercraft policy will also not provide coverage for the said damage. But you can still make use of the limited coverage that your homeowner’s policy may provide. However, this limited coverage does not stretch to cover vandalism or perhaps stolen contents.

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