Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance Florida

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Are you a business owner in Florida with more than three employed staff? Or are you managing a company in the construction industry and you have two or more employees? If yes, then you may need to get workers compensation insurance Florida.

Why should you get a workers’ compensation policy and who needs it?

But why should you get good workers compensation insurance quotes? Well, according to the law of the state of Florida, all businesses and commercial organizations that have more than three employed workers as well as companies under the construction industry with two or more employees need to get general liability insurance Florida for their workers.

Benefits of getting a good workers compensation insurance Florida

A good Florida general liability insurance for workers does not only benefits the employer but also the employees. Here are some of the benefits both employers and employees can attain with this kinds of insurance policy.

  • The workers’ compensation policy serves as a protection of the employers in cases when an employee meets an accident at the workplace and during working hours.
  • The policy will safeguard the company from possible lawsuits that the injured employee may file.
  • When the company gets a compensation policy for their employees, the workers can be able to get medical benefits in connection to the injury they got while working. The medical benefits can as well help them recover from the injury.
  • The workers can also receive wage replacement as additional benefit in case of accidents at the workplace.

workers compensation insurance

This general liability insurance in Florida truly offers a win-win arrangement where both the employer and employees can benefit from. This can help both the parties save on money and time. However, if the employees decline to claim the benefits associated to the injury, he can still file lawsuits against the company. Accepting the medical and wage replacement benefits would automatically mean that the employee waived his right to sue the company.

Every employer and business owner in Florida must get compensation policy for their workers not only because the law is requiring them to do so but also because it is one of the most affordable and excellent investment they can get to safeguard both their business and their workers. As there are a few kinds and coverage of a compensation policy for employees, businesses are advised to consult highly professional and reliable insurance agents who can assist them find the best policy for their own business. The agents are also there to answer all the questions that business owners may ask about the policy.

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