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If you’re a Florida homeowner, you need to educate yourself about insurance wind deductibles. Usually separate from the All Other Perils deductible that’s a part of your homeowner’s insurance policy, a wind deductible is also separate from a hurricane deductible.Since the entirety of the Florida peninsula is prone to serious storms, including those that spawn damaging winds, downbursts, and tornados, your wind deductible is something that you need to pay attention to. As Florida insurance brokers, we are very familiar with wind deductibles and how they apply in different situations.


A deductible for property insurance is the amount of your own money that you, as a policy holder, are responsible for paying if you find yourself needing to make an insurance claim. For most claims, there is a flat-rate deductible. Flat-rate deductibles vary in amount and are applied to any property loss that is covered in the claim.


When it comes to wind deductibles, you are usually charged a percentage of your total insurance value. So, if you have a $1,000,000.00 insurable value on your home, with a 5% wind deductible, and there is need to file a claim, you might be paying $50,000.00 out of your own pocket! That’s a lot more than the standard, flat-rate deductible.


When you’re shopping for homeowner’s insurance, you need to consider the wind deductible. At Kirstein Insurance Services, we are experts when it comes to storm-related damage and are ready and available to discuss your individual needs. They will cover the difference between “calendar year” and “occurrence” which are how often you need to pay a percentage of your deductible and “wind / hail,” “named storm,” and “hurricane” all of which deal with when the percentage deductible starts.


Please contact one of the agents here at Kirstein Insurance Services to review your homeowner’s insurance policy needs, receive Florida insurance quotes, and discuss your wind deductible options. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.