Florida Real Estate Insurance

Kirstein Insurance Services has the experience, multiple insurance markets and the expertise to assist you in insuring your rental properties. At Kirstein Insurance, we are very experienced in real estate investment insurance, and understand your desire to maximize your ROI while at the same time providing comprehensive protection for your investments.

The financial risks you face as a real estate investor from events beyond your control such as property loss due to fire, wind, flooding or liability claims, can be severe. Our policies include:

PROPERTY COVERAGE: No two investments are the same. We can help you make sure your buildings are insured on the right coverage form: Full Reconstruction Cost, Actual Cash Value, and Market Value options are available.

LOSS OF RENTAL INCOME: The cash flow your investments provide is important. We’ll make sure your rental income is insured by a Business Income or Loss of Rents endorsement with the right limit.

EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWN: A large boiler or commercial HVAC system breakdown can be very costly. Equipment Breakdown coverage can insulate your ROI from an unexpected, expensive repair.

LIABILITY COVERAGE: The last thing a real estate investor wants is their personal assets exposed to an unexpected liability claim at an investment property. Your liability coverage can protect you and your assets from liability claims ranging from bodily injury claims such as slip and fall incidents to personal injury claims such as wrongful eviction and invasion of privacy.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we have markets for all types of real estate investments.

  • General Property Owner Coverage – Customized plans for property owners
  • Private Academic Housing – Off-campus housing for students carries its own set of risks
  • Historic Buildings – Unique buildings ought to have their own unique insurance plans
  • Affordable Housing – Low income housing should be covered with high quality insurance
  • Broad Real Estate Umbrella Programs – High limit insurance policies with high degrees of customization
  • Vacancy Protection – If your building is sitting empty, there are still risks to consider
  • Coverage for Senior Housing – Independent living facilities are subject to a number of laws and ought to have coverage to address all the risks involved.
  • Remodeling Addresses the specific risks associated with remodeling properties for sale or rental