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Are you a business owner in Florida? If so, you know that you need a full-range of insurance policies to protect your business, your employees, and yourself. Whether you are in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, services, transportation, or wholesale, Florida business insurance is not an option: you need it.

Different Types Of Business Insurance Available:


  • Business Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • And Commercial Auto.
  • Professional Liability?
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Network Security & Privacy Insurance


Florida Business Liability Insurance


The right Florida business liability insurance policy will protect you, your business, and your employees in the event of a claim. As a professional business owner, you will, of course, attempt to remove all potential hazards from your business. However, there is always the possibility of an injury on the part of a customer behaving in a careless or reckless manner, and you need to be covered for their possible actions.

Your business liability policy will cover you for any injuries or accidents that might occur on your property. It also should cover you from damages related to exposure to your products. The insurance policy will cover medical expenses, property damage, and bodily injury, as well as taking on the cost of lawsuits, including settlements and / or investigations.


Commercial Property Insurance


For your business, you will also want to look into commercial property insurance; that is, insurance that will cover you in the event that your commercial property is stolen, damaged, or lost. Your commercial property insurance policy will serve to protect your commercial assets and you are free to decide between replacement of the property’s actual value, replacement value, or a previously agreed-upon amount the latter is commonly employed when the business owns art or other unique / impossible to replace items.


Commercial Auto Insurance


If your business has company vehicles, you will need to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy. This insurance will protect you in the event that there is an accident resulting in property damage or bodily injury. Most commercial auto insurance will cover payment to the injured party, attorney fees, and any associated court costs.

It is important to note that, under Florida law, if your business owns and uses more than five vehicles, the law considers that to be a “fleet” and you will receive a volume discount or other special incentives.

You’re a savvy, responsible Florida business owner. As such, you know that you need to protect your business, your property, your employees, and your clients and customers. Please contact one of our business insurance agents at Kirstein Insurance Services today, to discuss the appropriate policy or policies that will cover you and your company in the event of an accident or other unanticipated event.